lion care | caring for people with parkinsons in Essex

The staff at Lion Care Essex are always keen to take on new clients and are fully trained in dealing with any eventuality that arrives. Perhaps one of the more challenging is caring for people with Parkinson’s which is a condition that gradually gets worse over time. People with Parkinson’s can experience at least 40 different symptoms related to their condition.

What is Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s Is a progressive neurological condition. It develops when cells in the brain stop working properly and are lost over time. The brain cells produce a chemical called dopermine. Symptoms start to appear when the brain can’t make enough dopermine to controlmovement properly. As more dopermine producing cells are lost, problems with movemetn get worse. People can alsop start to experience other symptoms too inlcuding pain, bladder and bowel problems and mental health issues.

Parkinson’s is unique to every person with the condition and symptoms often fluctuate and change over time. So each care routine needs to be specifically mapped for each potential client and monitored throughout the care package.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s speak to our care manager today and we can help you with a carefully thought out care plan that will work for you and your loved one. If you need any further help or advice regarding Parkinson’s, you can obtain a guide book on this link.

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