Jobs for care staff in Braintree

Jobs for care staff in BraintreeJobs for care staff in Braintree.

If you are busy searching for jobs for care staff in Braintree, then speak to Lion Care and we can provide the right candidate with an excellent training package for your ongoing skills and progression into Care management.

many people believed that care work was for the unskilled, however if you take a day out in the life of a carer for Lion Care, you will quickly find out that there are many skills that set us aside from many of our competitors. Lion Care provides the best possible training for the right people so that they can effectively care for our clients and provide assurance to their families that we are the right agency to care for their loved ones.

We carry out many tasks in our day to day routines and none of them are the same every day and require a lot of thinking outside the box at times, Life skills come in handy and you will certainly pick more up on the way.

Some of our clients are able to do a lot for themselves, but occasionally you will find some that need that little extra support when it comes to mealtimes.

We have found that during lockdown, many of our clients are afraid to venture out and do their own shopping like they once did, we are on hand to help them and work with them so that they can live as normal routine as possible in these difficult times.

A handy skill in the kitchen might bee needed at times when the clients can’t manage so if you are adaptable and flexible, you will be an asset. Communication skills are the best skill that any carer can have, so if you think that you have what it takes to become a carer with Lion Care, then you will receive a beneficial package that suits everyone !