recommended care agency in Chelmsford and Braintree

Your recommended care agency in Chelmsford and Braintree

recommended care agency in Chelmsford and BraintreeOver the last 18 months Lion Care have observed that 90% of the clients we look after for home care in Chelmsford and Essex are from personal recommendations and referrals. This very encouraging finding is good news as we now know that the word is travelling fast that we go the extra mile in providing the best home care service and hope to expand further throughout Essex in the coming months.

Lion Care takes it’s reputation seriously when it comes to providing the best possible service in home care because we know that the needs of our clients are very particular and diverse. Looking after people with dementia comes with very complex considerations especially when some of our clients do not have the support network of family and in recent times due to COVID-19 makes it difficult for those with family to have the close contact often needed when it comes to the Christmas period now approaching.

Lion Care has come to realise that companionship is very important for the quality of life of it’s growing client base and are one of very few care agencies that stick around for as much social time for a chat when possible instead of rushing to feed, hydrate and care for the elders in care. If you are someone that pays for an hour or half an hour in your call, that is exactly what you get from Lion Care.

We care less about the money and more about the care.

Katie Keating, Director and Care Manager.

So why do so many of our clients families recommend us? Lion Care ensures that the sentiment and core principles are set in stone with our staff from the outset. Our recruitment process ensures that we take the very best people with an extensive experience in care and have the desire to excel in their jobs. Simply put, if you enjoy what you do, you do it well. Lion Care offers the very best ongoing training programs to keep the people who care for your loved ones up to date with the latest legislation and best practice so we know what we do ranks among the best in care.

But not only that, we employ people that love people, which is the greatest of recipes for care in the community we feel.