Complaints Process

All complaints will be taken seriously and investigated fairly, Lion Care wishes to achieve the best outcome for their clients at all times and if something does go wrong, a complaint must be made so the company can rectify the situation and learn from the experience, there may also be a change to our policies and procedures to ensure that it minimises the occasion happening again.

All complaints will be dealt with in accordance with this policy and treated in the strictest of confidence, Lion Care will never discriminate against a client for making a complaint. If a client feels unable to make the complaint directly to the manager then they may wish to make the complaint via family, friend or a carer, all complaints irrelevant of how they are made will be treated the same way.

All complaints will be recorded and how they were dealt with, what action plan was implemented and any changes that have been made to ensure that the incident does not happen again.

Your details will be kept confidential and not disclosed as per our privacy policy

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